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Our top sincere guides are well trained and certified by TCB and assessed by ABTO, to ensure they render the best service to the clients. Not only they are fluent in conversing in English and other languages but also they are extremely humane in nature and are professionally elite in guiding the guests with all comfort and ease. We are here to take you through your happiness journey with a chance for you to understand and experience it at a new level.


Once we receive your kind notice of enthusiasm to testify our elevating services, we assure to work vigorously in positioning every travel service from getting Bhutan visa to the airline ticket, and arranging logistic for your homely stay in Bhutan.


How are we different from other travel agencies?

The ‘Absolute Happiness Origin Tours and Travel to Bhutan’ not only features the popular attractions and programs but we go out of our way to make sure that you get a wholesome experience of Bhutan. ‘Absolute Happiness’ is constantly exploring new and out-of-the-box activities and experiences. We have already started exploring several unique activities, which other travel agencies do not provide. Also, Bhutan has over a thousand licensed Bhutanese tour operators; some handle more than 10,000 tourists a year and many don’t even get a single tourist. If it is not your cup of tea to be one of those 10,000 tourists who are treated like a retail commodities and are forgotten immediately after they depart, get in touch with us ‘Absolute Happiness’. We will treat your holiday with passion. You will be remembered, and we will make sure that you too remember us and your memorable travel experience in Bhutan.


What’s the difference between booking a trip directly through us and travel agents abroad?


Absolute Happiness Origin Tours and Travel to Bhutan is a local tour operator in Bhutan. You’ll save a good deal of money by booking your trip directly through us. The agents abroad are commission agents and you will have to pay commission on top of daily tariff set by Bhutan Government so your cost will escalates. Even if you book your trip through travel agents abroad, they ultimately need to deal with local operators in Bhutan because only local operators can arrange tourist visas.

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