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bhutan cycling tour.jpg


If anyone’s up for some pleasant ride passing along lush green forests, the rolling hills, along creeks and far-flung villages, ancient monasteries then cycling tour in Bhutan certainly is the perfect choice. 

Everyone would agree that one sees the world better when one is biking. It is open all around and one is mobile and free. The scenic beauty surrounding the rider in Bhutan is breathtakingly beautiful. The high mountains, deep mystic valleys, and pristine forests combined with the centuries-old culture of Bhutan envelopes the biker everywhere in the country. Be it off road or on, Bhutan is a biker’s paradise for mountain bikers and the sport is seeing increasing popularity among both visitors and Bhutanese alike. There are a variety of biking routes available ranging from smooth journeys on paved roads to challenging off-road dirt trails that wind through rough terrain. 

On the road, with almost gentle gradients, one can reach as high 4000m or 13000ft, starting from 2300m or 7500ft, in a span of just 2 hours. In these 2 hours, you see temperate zones settlements and meet semi-nomadic herders in their yak camps living in alpine conditions. You can climb from deep river valleys to high mountain passes and see perennially snow-clad mountains, after having gone through uninterrupted forests — from cool broad-leaved forest to the shrubs of the tree line. 

And once you have left Thimphu, where most of the nearly 50,000 vehicles are found, you have the roads virtually to yourself. For “off road” biking, there are paths that take you through the woods, farmlands and centuries-old monasteries — and take you right off this world into another plane of existence. Breathing the clean mountain air, biking beneath hanging mosses, listening to bird songs and stopping to chat occasionally with monks would be typical. But one can also do adventurous biking if one wishes, finding difficult mountain paths or traversing the sloping meadows of high passes. So be it valley floor or high mountain passes, forests or meadows, the air, culture and scenic beauty of Bhutan combined with the friendliness of its people will leave riders enchanted with the country. And best of all, the sport receives royal patronage and all the efforts for its development are spearheaded by the Royal family themselves.

Riders should have an adequate level of fitness and stamina and be experienced enough in the art of mountain biking. Tours are fully supported by a van following riders. The van allows riders to rest should they require it. 

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