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Kuzu Zangpo La!

This may sound quite peculiar to you when you hear these above phrases spoken in native Bhutanese language, if you are visiting this Happiness Country for the first time, which to common Bhutanese is simply a word greeting of ‘healthy meeting’ and ‘warm welcoming’. The first person you will be hearing those phrases from would obviously be the stunning young Bhutanese air-hostesses in Bhutan’s flight that makes it destination at Paro.

Lonely Planet Chooses Bhutan the Number One Country to Visit in 2020, above England & North Macedonia

Bhutan has been chosen as the number one country to visit in 2020 out of 195 countries. The Lonely Planet has ranked Bhutan as the best country to visit above England and North Macedonia, based on its rich culture and tradition with its pristine sustainable environment while embracing global development.

Absolute Happiness Origin Tours & Travels, Bhutan

About Us

Bhutan’s Brand tagline ‘Happiness is a place’ simply assures that happiness can be found in simple things at any platform. Specifically designed for visitors, “Absolute Happiness Origin Bhutan Travel”, the official tour agent is launched with the core intent to let the visitors experience a slice vivacious taste of the land of happiness in the most phenomenal way, & return home taking the new ideas to create happiness among families, friends, relationship, work colleague, in the society & of course to the nation. More than this we will do everything possible to ensure your stay in Bhutan a truly memorable one. 


“Absolute Happiness Origin Bhutan Travel”, is named in considering the principal objective of how happiness can be measured by visitors in short span of time to immeasurable dynamic pleasure. .

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Explore the Whole Western District of Bhutan

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Absolute Happiness Origin Tours & Travels, Bhutan





Absolute Happiness Origin Tours & Travels, Bhutan




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Absolute Happiness Origin Tours & Travels, Bhutan



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Customise your Tour

Besides creating lots of ready-made itineraries for you to do in Bhutan, we would always like to listen to every client and tailor make their perfect vacation as per their preference, because we do not intend to run your precious vacation. Hence, you do not have to hesitate for asking us on any enquiry should you require to help in making your trip a memorable one.


To help us understand your interest better, please complete the form in as much details as you can provide.

Absolute Happiness Origin Tours & Travels, Bhutan

Happiness is a Place!

Economists all over the world have argued that the key to happiness is obtaining and enjoying material development. Bhutan however, adheres to a different belief and advocates that amassing material wealth does not necessarily lead to happiness. Bhutan measures progress not by the popular idea of Gross Domestic Product but through Gross National Happiness. 

Bhutan’s Brand tagline ‘Happiness is a place’ simply assures that happiness can be found in simple things and these simple things can be found anywhere and in anything like our curated tour packages.

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